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Thursday the 26th of October

THIN, NEGLECTED AND CAST ASIDE. We found this girl in the road during our #mendingmamre campaign. Despite her horrific condition she is friendly and can not stop giving affection. This is what #whereswillie is all about. This is why Willie Richards has attempted this massive crowdfunding campaign by running and cycling 1700km from NAM To ZA. We can not help these animals without the needed funds. We have sterilized close to a 1000 animals in Mamre this year alone. For each sterilized it costs R500, not including kennels and medical interventions like this girl will need. With an estimated pet population of 4000 animals we have many more to help. If you want to help please donate through GivenGain Foundation it’s quick, easy and safe. Visit to donate



Wednesday the 25th of October

We last spoke to Willie early yesterday morning when he was in Pofadder. Since then, due to signal we have lost all contact. Wherever you are #whereswillie we know you are doing your best and that you are pushing hard. Show Willie your support by donating quick and safely:
We will update you, our suppawters about how Willie is doing as soon as we know.




Tuesday the 24th of October

#whereswillie has crossed the border from NAM back onto home soil! Over 1100km in eleven days! It was a hard day with many bumps in the road, physically and mentally but Willie Richards is full of energy for the next stretch. You can help Willie reach his goal of raising R170 000 for African Tails by sponsoring his journey. Quick, easy and safe: visit



Monday the 23rd of October

#proudlysouthafrican FIRST! NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE – all for the animals
This machine is unstoppable! Willie Richards has reached the 1000km mark in 10 days! He has also crossed the half way mark! Willie is running and cycling from Blouberg NAM to Blouberg ZA for the cause he truly believes in. He is hoping that by doing this incredible feat, people will be inspired to donate to the #whereswillie campaign. Visit it’s quick, easy and safe to donate. Every donation, no matter how big or small fuels Willie one step forward. African Tails simply can not do the work that we do without funds. We rely solely on the generosity and goodwill of the public. Show how amazing you think Willie’s cause is by donating now.

All proceeds will be donated directly to African Tails in order to fund our mass sterilization campaign in Mamre. In the past 7 months we have sterilized close to a 1000 animals. Each operation costs us about R500, excluding other costs such as food, kennels and medical interventions. For every animal sterilized, thousands are eventually saved from being born into a lifetime of suffering and neglect! Willie is being the change we all wish to see! #gowillie!


Sunday the 22nd of October

It can’t be easy. Running and cycling every day a 100km plus having to camp, sleep in the middle of nowhere, facing strong winds, ice cold nights and the scorching  but #whereswillie is pushing on. By the end of the day he would have reached 1000km in 10 days! Never done before by any South African. Support Willie’s dream and give him the strength to push on by donating to the cause he feels so strong about. Visit

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-17 at 4.43.16 PM WhatsApp Image 2017-10-17 at 4.43.18 PM


Saturday the 21st of October

Day 8 of #whereswillie and we were able to make contact with Willie Richards and his team. They just arrived at Aroab. Willie is averaging a whopping 100km per day! He has now close to 900km under his belt, despite sheared off brake cover plates on the Landrover, strong winds, blisters on his bum, scorching heat and flat tires, Willie is going strong! is the place to go if you would like to support Willie. Willie has one #goal in mind on this 1700km journey, and that is to raise money through our GivenGain crowdfunding campaign. All funds will go to African Tails, to fund our mass sterilization campaigns in Mamre. Such a worthy cause, so please show your support by donating now!

If you want to find out more about what is driving Willie and our #mendingmamre campaign visit

Our supporting partners:
FOUR PAWS South Africa Rescue Rehab SA




Friday the 20th of October


Thursday the 19th of October

It is day 7 of the #Whereswillie campaign. Two days ago Willie broke the 500km mark! We have not been able to make any contact since due to a lack of signal. We are not sure where he is right now and how far he has run, but we are pretty sure he is doing well and pushing through. If you want to help Willie reach his goal support him by visiting
GO Willie, you can DO this!!

Map 1


Wednesday the 18th of October

You might have heard about our recently launched campaign; #whereswillie. In the next few weeks Willie Richards will be making his way, running and cycling a whopping 1700km from Namibia to Cape Town, all in aid of the animals and African Tails. In order to make this crowd funding campaign a success Willie hopes to raise R170 000. Although many of us are not always able to assist in the way of monetary donations, now we have a way where YOU can get involved, become creative and make a huge difference whilst helping Willie reach his dream goal.

Simply create an account on GivenGain, link it to our #whereswillie campaign, set up your project and start fundraising. Setting up an account is quick and easy. You can fundraise by simply asking friends, family and your network for monetary donations or you can think out of the box. You can host a cupcake sale, ask for donations in stead of birthdays presents, organize a 5km run, a garage sale or anything you wish! The possibilities are endless. Your project should run till the 30th of November 2017.

Step 1:
Step 2:
Search for and select the Cause Campaign #whereswillie
Step 3:
Click on “start fundraising”
Step 4:
Set up your account. It only takes 2 minutes!
Step 5:
Create your project and link it to the cause campaign #whereswillie

activist infographic


Tuesday the 17th of October

And so Willie has reached his first 500km in no less than 5 days!! We are extremely proud of #whereswillie campaign. This first 500km did not come at no cost. He is doing this campaign at no gain to himself, all of this is for the animals and African Tails to fund our mass sterilization campaign #mendingmamre. Keep him motivated and help him reach his goal by donating now. Every little bit helps. Willie is fighting extreme weather and rough sandy roads. The saddle on his new bike has caused him severe blisters that have burst on his behind. This makes cycling obviously extremely painful. But Willie Richards is a man of determination and he will push through! Show your support and raise awareness by sharing this amazing feat and leave him a message of encouragement in the comments below. 

Day10-13 WhatsApp Image 2017-10-17 at 4.43.18 PM (1)


Monday the 16th of October

Wondering #whereswillie? At this stage due to lack of signal we are barely able to communicate with Willie and his team. What we do know is at the end o day 4 Willie Richards has completed 300km of cycling and 113km running through the Namibian desert. They even had to add another 59km to the already 1734km because the one road led to a dead end! Willie is doing well and in good spirits.

Day 4


Sunday the 15th of October

#whereswillie Update Day 3: Temperatures in the high 30’s and it is just sand and more sand and more corrugated road… finished another 100km (23km run/ 70km cycle / 7km run). Had to change our route 13km into the first leg of the run. Fencing prevented us from going further and we had to backtrack to the Motsomi turn-off. Looks like the route will be longer. Camping in the open.

day 3


Saturday the 14th of October

#whereswillie Update Day 2: completed a 21km run/ 80km cycle/ 6km run. Lots of sand and corrugated road… not so kind to the behind. Ready for tomorrow… made possible by Willie’s amazing support team.

day 2

Friday the 13th of October

And he is off!!! #whereswillie has officially begun! One man’s incredible 1700km journey from NAM to ZA with one #goal in mind: saving the lives of countless animals.

You can follow Willie’s journey on all our social media platforms or here on this page!

All proceeds raised will go directly to funding our mass sterilization campaign #mendingmamre
We wish you all the best for you an your team Willie. You are one amazing man!