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August 21, 2012

In: Brakking News

It’s because of beautiful angels like you, Blackie, that we will never give up this fight.
When neighbours of your tik-head owners alerted us to you, we approached you lying in the dirt and were welcomed by your wagging tail and pleading e…
yes.  We would have given anything to be able to save your sweet soul – to show you love and warmth, comfort and food in such abundance that you would never ever remember your days of starvation and desperation.
We even had a home lined up and waiting to welcome you with loving arms (Thanks Katrin and Kurt Schoenraad for being Blackie’s hope).  We took you and your tail that couldn’t stop wagging to the vet and begged for a good prognosis.  But not only were you completely emaciated (to the point of not even having any muscle), but you were also suffering from Distemper and so with breaking hearts, we sent you off to a better place.  It would have been easier if you’d growled or snarled when we held you tight for the needle to end your suffering but you wagged your tail and trusted us with your life, despite the horrendous neglect, pain and illness you had been through at the hands of other humans.  Blackie – it’s over now.  You’re free.
Let all the tears shed for you cleanse your path to heaven and we promise, in your name, to work even more doggedly than ever before to sterilise, educate and provide primary care so that your story becomes the exception and not the norm.  If anyone would like to make a donation in Blackie’s honour – to enable us to reach more needy animals, please email

The tragic fact is that there are so many of these areas where these animals are living lives of fear and pain – and we can only do so much. The problem is as enormous as a Great Dane, and sometimes we feel like the tiniest little Chihuahuas yapping against thunder, but we are hound-bound with dogged determination, to make a difference to our furry (often mangy and furless) friends’ lives. ’Mutts’ needs to be done and thanks to everyone who contributes and supports!  No one likes to face the reality of the harsh lives of man’s best friend.  One doesn’t want to know… but only through knowing, can you help.  Shying away from the facts does nothing alleviate their plight of suffering, abuse and neglect.

Spring will soon be upon us and literally hundreds of animals will be born / impregnated within the next couple of weeks and we’re racing like Greyhounds to get on top of it!

A huge high four paw goes out to Dr Roos of Stellenbosch Animal Welfare who has given us a booking on Wednesday 8 August 2012 to sterilise


This will swallow up a whole whopping R12 500.00 from our bank account and so we are desperately appealing for at least 50 people who read this email to PLEASE sponsor just one animal sterilisation @R250– or even part thereof.

Be the change you want to see and sponsor an Eerste Rivier sterilisation today!

Banking Details Nedbank Sea Point Account Name: African Tails Current Acc no: 1069401978 Branch code: 106909 – if 8 digits are required please add the extra “13”

Reference: Your Name and ER Mass Steri

Please always submit proof of payment along with contact details to so that we can give you a tail-wagging thanks.


It all adds up to make a huge difference.