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Mending Mamre

African Tails is a Non Profit Animal Welfare organization, focusing on mass sterilization of animals in rural and disadvantaged areas. Each animal sterilized, saves the lives of countless animals being born into a lifetime of suffering and neglect. The African Tails pack, a small dedicated and passionate team, is unconditionally committed to making a difference. In March 2017 they launched their latest sterilization campaign in the tiny agricultural town, Mamre.

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Uncontrolled breeding and unwanted litters is only the symptomatic result. To make a sterilization campaign successful one needs to go to the root of the problem. It does not start and stop at sterilization. For this reason African Tails partnered with FOUR PAWS South Africa, who has launched an educational campaign in Mamre, not only for children, but for adults as well.


This campaign includes basic good horsemanship, animal husbandry and sowing the seed of compassion.



Teaching children to have empathy for living creatures, not only betters the lives of the animals they encounter, but it also builds and strengthens a community for years to come.

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African Tails also tries to improve the living conditions of animals not only by education but also by empowering communities through the distribution of kennels, foods and medical care for animals where needed.

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In phase 1 and 2 of project Mending Mamre, close to 800 animals were sterilized, 1200 people reached through education, 200 kennels distributed and many animals medically treated or placed up for adoption.

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With an estimated pet population of 4000 animals, it is evident that African Tails will be active in Mamre for quite some time, as the goal is to sterilize at least 70% of Mamre’s breeding pet population.

The community of Mamre will reap the benefits from this campaign for many years to come. This is indeed no easy task but a very worthy cause. For this reason Willie decided that he wanted to get involved.

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Willie will be making his way, running and cycling, 1700km from Blouberg Nam to Blouberg, Cape Town in order to fund phase 3 to 4 for project Mending Mamre.