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Why sterilise your pet?

South Africa has enough puppies/dogs already, and all the country really needs is enough people to love them. One female cat + her offspring can produce 420,000 cats in 7 years (source: HSUS). One female dog + her offspring can produce 67,000 dogs in 6 years (source: HSUS) Many affluent homes think that this doesn’t effect them as they will only have one litter. Yet this thinking does not take into account the exponential effect just one litter has. If each of the puppies in the litter are homed to a family with the same thinking then just one litter of 8 can produce just under 100 puppies in under a year and if those were to each breed than that would make around 700 puppies, it just continues – just from 1 person wanting to have 1 litter, something to think about.

But what about your dog, who you already love and would never want to hurt? Far from harming your furry friend, sterilisation will ensure he or she stays healthier and happier for longer. Why? Because sterilisation:

  • Reduces the risk of chronic uterine infections, mammary tumours (reduced by about 90% if done before first heat), diabetes and testicle cancer.
  • Prevents weight gain.
  • Calms pets down and prevents excessive dominance and roaming.
  • An un-neutered male dog is more likely to stray. If he can smell a female in heat – she doesn’t have to be next door, she might be miles away, he will try his utmost to get to her. dogs have been known to throw themselves at glass doors. Once he is out, he might be hit by a car, attacked by another dog, or picked up and put in a shelter.
  • Enables your animal to be a better pet, healthier and more content.
  • Does NOT reduce the happiness or character of your pet.
  • Neutered dogs tend to live an average of two to three years longer than un-neutered dogs.

NOTE: if you can’t afford standard vet sterilisation rates, contact animal welfare clinics and organisations for more affordable rates.

SPCA – 021 700 4140
Animal Rescue Organisation – 021 396 5511
Animal Anti Cruelty League – 021 534 6426/7