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September 5, 2012

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We rescued Princess Leah off a busy street as she searched frantically to find food for her and her pups.  Her owner was a cruel and uncaring man who lived on a busy road, with no adequate fencing and Princess Leah and her pups were at serious risk of being run over or dying of starvation or a broken heart, at the hands of the uncaring who laid claim to her.  We negotiated the release of her and her pups and placed all in foster care.  This is how Mommy Princess Leah’s tale turned out.

Princess Leah, Leah, Player, Teets McGee, Trotsky, my darling, babala…it doesn’t matter which of the names I call or coo, she is just perfect in all her being. 

She has grown and bloomed since I took her home, and she continues to do so everyday. 

No longer does she crawl along the floor with her tail between her legs, too frightened to go beyond the threshold of my front door. 

No longer do I need to carry her into Vondi’s to choose treats. 

Now she struts her stuff with her head held high, eyes twinkling. 

She trots to the lift excited to go out into the world, sometimes even a skip and hop with her tail wagging high.

She knows to jump into the back seat, and she loves that she can stick her head out the window soaking up the smells and the fresh air and the hustle and bustle of life that we pass by. 

Left window to right, right window to left, her lashes fluttering in the wind, panting with excitement. 

Occasionally she wants to give me some light entertainment and barks at a passing cyclist.  We chuckle at their fright.

She bounds along mountain trails in Deer Park and Fresnaye, socialises near the fountain at Mouille Point Lighthouse, and adventures through muddy swamp and overgrown valleys in the Glen.

At De Waal she is torn between hunting squirrels and having a play with other pups.  I am glad that is her biggest issue: to play or hunt.

I love her morning breath, I think her ears smell like honey.

Everybody looks at her and smiles.  They tell her how lucky she is to have found me.

But I know that it is really me who is lucky to have found her.