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Injuries Treated

Injured dogs treated and returned to owners


This is Feekie. He was neutered by us and then a month or two later he succumbed to biliary. His owner pushed him in a trolley all the way to the vet in Table View. We had him admitted and treated. We placed him in temporary foster care to make sure he made a full recovery and then returned him to his very grateful and devoted township owner, who thanked us profusely for our help and contributed to the medical costs.

But, alas, Feekie ran into trouble again shortly thereafter when he was hit by a speeding car in Du Noon. We rushed Feekie off to the vet but his bone was so badly shattered that the only option was to amputate his leg. Feekie is happy that he only lost his leg and not his life.


Lili was an unfortunate road accident victim in Joe Slovo Township. She had a dislocated hip and elbow after being knocked over by a car. She spent a few days at the vet but her hip kept popping out of joint. We were not comfortable returning her to the township until her hip was firmly set in place and so she also spent some time in a loving foster home before returning to her ‘hood, where she was very warmly received by her family.


Fudge was nudged – by a passing car and also found himself at the vet after our African Tails Ambulance took him there.

The injury to Fudge’s leg required delicate and expensive surgery and so we transferred him to the PDSA for their expert vet to repair his leg with pins at a more affordable price. Fudge then spent a few weeks in foster care until he was back on his feet and found himself back home in Du Noon. His doggy wife was very happy to see him and show him their pups, which she’d given birth to in his absence. Needless to say, Fudge was neutered whilst in his care, so his days of siring litters are now over. The pups were then relinquished into our care when they were weaned and have gone on to live happily ever after in loving homes.

Poisoned Pooch

This Du Noon dwelling dog wasn’t doing well at all. His owner alerted us to the fact that he dog was vomiting and not doing well. We were there in a flash and off to the vet he went. Was treated and discharged to live poison-free forever after.

Husky with Inverted Eyelids

This Township dwelling husky was rescued by our field worker, Douglas, when he noticed something amiss with his eyes. Our vet suggested delicate surgery as his fur was scraping the cornea of his eye and would have resulted in blindness. We raised the funds from the public to cover the cost of his surgery (and threw a neuter into the bargain as well) and he can see clearly now that his inverted eyelids are gone!

Leg Injury

The owners of this township dog sought our help. We’re still not sure what happened. The owner is kind and caring but fellow residents could well have done the damage. This sweet boy was healed and repaired by our vets and returned to his owners, where we continue to keep an eye on his safety.

Mange Treatments

Mange is rife in the townships and the suburbs of Eerste Rivier where we work tirelessly to keep it under control through preventative measures. This dear girl had suffered the effects of mange for a long time and so required more intensive treatment. She was hospitalised at Helderberg Animal Welfare where she received weekly treatments and has now returned home with a full body of fur.


Blackie sustained an injury to her cruciate ligament as a result of being run over by a car in Eerste Rivier. We waited to see if her injury would heal but her prognosis wasn’t looking good. Her front leg was of no more use to her and she was scraping it along the ground – resulting in wounds on her paw. So we booked her in for amputation. Sadly, Blackie passed away on the operating table due to an undetected respiratory problem. May she RIP.


Some types of dogs aren’t designed for township life and so every once in a while we step in to help by offering grooming services for the more shaggy haired dogs to look and feel a whole lot better.