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AGE: +-5 years old


BREED: Africanis Cross

SIZE: Medium size

ADOPTION FEE: R700 – includes any vaccinations, de-worming, treatment for ticks and fleas BEFORE adoption as well as a microchip and the sterilisation at 5 months old (DONE)

We received a call in 2013 about a dog lying under the bridge in Maitland in the pouring rain. On our arrival, he didn’t move. We thought that he might have been knocked over. It took us a while to pick him up and carry him over to the other side of the bridge where we loaded him into the back of the bakkie. He looked exhausted and over life. And that is exactly what he was – over life. He had given up. It turns out that there was actually nothing wrong with Charlie physically besides for a few old bite marks on his face and body as well as being full of ticks, fleas and being underweight. We don’t know If Charlie was dumped there or If that is where he stopped running. After staying at the office for a few days, Charlie began to get some light in his eyes again. He showed us affection and became quite protective over us. It was a few weeks down the line and then we were lucky enough to find Charlie a home. He went to a home with an adult male who formed quite a strong bond with Charlie. It was about 3 months down the line that we received very sad news. Charlie was not coping with being left at home alone during the day. He would howl quite a bit and the neighbours were starting to complain. His owner tried different ways in order to try and keep Charlie. He loved him very much, Charlie is as loyal as they come. Unfortunately it didn’t work his financial situation as well, so sadly Charlie had to be returned. Ever since then, he has been in a foster home on a smallholding. He has been doing well and he is much more relaxed. He isn’t any trouble at all. He gets on fine with other dogs as long as the other dog isn’t a dominant male. We don’t believe that Charlie needs to live on a farm, but we do think that Charlie would do well in a calmer environment where someone is home for part of the day If not all day. No one really shows interest in him because he isn’t the most gorgeous dog. We are still holding onto the hope that Charlie will find his forever home. He so badly deserves it!



If you are able to give Charlie the home that he so badly deserves, please contact Lauren on 021 510 7360 or email