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GENDER: Female

BREED: Cross Breed

AGE: +- 2 years old

SIZE: Small size breed (Cocker Spaniel size)

I HONESTLY haven’t come across many dogs like Binx. Yes, dogs are generally full of love but this girl is different. She gets her will to live from being cuddled. If you don’t feel like cuddling then fine, she will lay next to you but she will never pass up an opportunity to show her human how much she cares by curling her head under your arm. WHY can’t someone out there show her the same commitment by giving her a permanent home.
Binx has been through a lot this year, it has been a traumatic time for her. She was picked up in Joostenberg Vlakte a few months ago. She was clearly pining for her people but after failed attempts to find her previous owner, she finally settled in her foster Home. She was then adopted, but returned again after a couple of weeks, due to no fault of her own. Because it was so short notice we had no long term fosters for her, so she was moved twice until we were now finally able to settle her in a foster home.
Humans have disappointed Binx too many times this year.

What home would Binx fit into best? Because she loves humans so much she does tend to get a bit jealous of other dogs, she is currently in a new foster home with 15 other dogs! Her foster mom has a lot of knowledge about how to integrate dogs with behaviour issues. As long as Binx is integrated in the correct way (with help from her current foster mom) the jealousy issue can be handled just fine.

If you are interested in adopting Binx, please contact Lauren on 021 510 7360 or email