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Zita and Zorra for happy homings 16 Oct

Zofia and Zita

Zofia who used to be Zorra and Zita that stayed Zita has so deserved this happy ending. Her sister and herself were adopted out together at 6 weeks old. Sadly they were returned at about 6 months old. We found a foster home for them but eventually had to split them up into different foster homes because the current foster mom could no longer foster animals. They went to their different foster homes and eventually Zita¬†was adopted by her foster mom Lana who could no longer let her go. Even though Zita proved to be quite destructive at times, Lana knew exactly how to handle it and that didn’t stop her from loving her to bits. Sadly Zofia remained in her foster home, her foster parents took her to the park one day with her ‘Adopt me’ jacket and someone showed interest. This person wasn’t actually looking for another dog at the time so she wanted to give it some more time. A few months later we got a call from that same person asking whether Zorra was still available and YES SHE WAS. She took this as a sign and decided she had to adopt her, YAY!

Things didn’t look promising when Zorra and Zita were brought back at 6 months old but we are so thankful that they both got a second chance! We are over the moon for these two! Thank you to Lana for adopting Zita and thank you to Gamalielle for adopting Zita <3