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Leah and Tyler


Leah waited for 2 whole years until she found her forever home! Leah ended up wondering onto our foster moms small holding in Kleindassenberg and she was highly pregnant at the time. Our foster mom took her in with open arms and Leah went into labour the very next day! She was struggling and had to be rushed to the Malmesbury vet for a C section. After a stressful wait, all of her babies were delivered and she was taken back to the foster mom where she received five star treatment. As the months went by, her puppies were adopted out and poor little Leah didn’t budge. No one ever seemed interested in her. We all wondered when her lucky day will come. This day came in March 2017 at an adoption day held at the Century City Natural Goods Market. A family of three thought Leah was very special and finally someone saw what we all saw. A lovely little girl with so much love to give! Today Leah is living her best life with her best friend, 13 year old Tyler <3