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We all wish at times that we can make a difference, but sometimes it is not always that possible. Well, now you can be part of the team that changes the world for many animals. All you need to do is visit the Givengain site, create an account and link your project with our #whereswillie campaign. All funds you raise will not only reflect as funds raised in aid of your project but will also reflect in the #whereswillie campaign. All proceeds raised will go to African Tails in order to fund our #mendingmamre mass sterilization campaign.

Once you have linked your project to the #whereswillie campaign its completely up to you how you wish to raise the target of R1700. You can simply ask friends, family and your network for monetary donations or you can become creative. You can host a cupcake sale, ask for donations in stead of birthdays presents, a 5km run, a garage sale or anything you wish! The possibilities are endless. Your project should run till the 30th of November 2017.

Step 1:
Step 2:
Search for and select the Cause Campaign #whereswillie
Step 3: Click on “start fundraising”
Step 4: Set up your account. It only takes 2 minutes!
Step 5: Create your poject and link it to the cause campaign #whereswillie
Step 6: Start Fundraising!
If you need any assistance, support or help please email Alma on or phone 021 510 7360

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