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The Tale of African Tails

The Tale of African Tails…

Once upon a time in December 2006, an organisation called African Tails was born. Its is set on the dusty streets of Du Noon and Joe Slovo townships in Cape Town, where African Tails strives to curb the over-population and suffering of abused and neglected township dogs.

Everyone at African Tails is bound by their love for the uniquely African dog, known as Canis Africanis, frequently found in rural areas and on the streets of South Africa’s informal settlements. Read more…

Our Aim

To give every abused and neglected street dog the happy ending they deserve. Sure, the township isn’t the ideal setting for a fairytale-style happy ending. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

Whether it’s finding a puppy a loving new home, feeding a starving stray, curbing the cycle of over-population through regular sterilisation campaigns or simply euthanasing a suffering animal, African Tails is doing its best to write new stories of hope and triumph in the places that truly need them most.

Happy Tails



Dynamo was surrendered to African Tails by his desperate owner. He sat here very distraught as he had hit a very bad time in his life and he wanted the best for Dynamo. We agreed to try our best and sent Dynamo to a foster home with lovely Vicky that has another cat herself. After about 2 months of fostering him, Vicky could not let him go. Her cat and Dynamo became close and it was just the perfect fit. He is one happy boy now! And thankfully we haven’t lost Vicky as a foster parent either!


Bubbles on mountain


Bubbles surrendered at 5 weeks old because she had mange. She was in her foster home until just over a year old! That is when she was lucky enough to find her perfect home. Bubbles now has a big brother dog named Henry and she goes on many mountain hikes and forest walks.




Jessie before and after photos below show the amazing improvement from when she was rescued in 2013 on Saint Frances day. She was tied up outside in the sand. Her owners were inside having lunch while she was starving outside. After some interactions with the owners, Jessie was taken away. We sent her to a foster home where she got loads of TLC and started to heal. A few weeks later she was homed to a beautiful family. They adore her!


Jack & Savanna

Jack and Savanna were homed together at about 10 weeks old to a beautiful home in Milnerton. They are two puppies from a litter of 4 that came in about 3 months ago. They were surrendered from Joe Slovo.

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